New Module in RISe - Radiation Safety

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

This past weekend, the RISe team completed a large release that included a brand new module, Radiation Safety, with option for users to complete and track their permits online from submission to approval through amendments and renewals.

The UBC Radiation Safety Permit system is now administered through the Office of Research Services as of January 2017. This will bring the program into alignment with Biosafety, Animal and Human Ethics. We are excited about this development as it enable us to offer a higher and more consistent level of service to Radiation Users at UBC.

The 3 key points for Administrators and Radiation Users to know are:

  • As of January 16, 2017 Radiation Safety permit applications can be submitted in RISe, the Research Information System
  • Purchasing & inventory will remain on the Risk Management Services Radiation Purchasing System
  • The Purchasing System has been upgraded to work with RISe

Advantages for researchers include:

  • Standardized processes and timelines for permit applications and amendments
  • Enhanced ability to articulate what type and how much isotope is used in each space
  • Centralized repository of institutional training records for each lab member authorized to work on a permit
  • Standardized timelines for notification of permit expiries
  • Enhanced access to manage and track their purchasing access to the radiation needed for their research

More information on how the transition will work and what users can do to get ready for it will be sent out to current Permit Holders, Authorized Users & Purchasers, Radiation Advisory Committee Members and Department Heads. RISe and Risk Management teams want to make this transition with the least possible disruption to research activities. If you have questions or concerns about the existing permits or transition to RISe, please send them to