RISe System Upgrade: WorkDay

Thursday, October 29, 2020

What is Changing on November 3rd with RISe integration to Workday: 

RISe will continue to be used as the Research Administration system for UBC Research. A comprehensive application retrofit and integration has been undertaken to support RISe as the system of record for grants/awards, related budgets and sponsors. RISe changes will enable the integration of the pre-award processes in RISe to the post-award research project administration in Workday Finance. 

  • Minimal changes to current business processes in and between business units
  • Improvements to numerous RISe features (e.g., Grant Renewal Process, revised format RPB)
  • Continued support on “Speed Chart” to faculties
  • Search Functionality in RISe includes new attributes/ IDs: Award ID (e.g., AWD-000888) Grant/Award Line ID (e.g., GR005555) Award Group ID (e.g., AG00396)
  • New integrations between RISe and Workday for Grant module and Person Data
  • Employee Data for UBC Employees is integrated from Workday. UBC Employment records can only be updated in Workday, and users can modify their additional job positions in RISe
  • The existing RISe Financial Dashboard will be sunsetted, and RISe users will need to log into Workday to access a more robust version
  • Rise software was adjusted to accommodate the data field changes required by the Workday implementation (e.g., Award layer representing one Sponsor, Award Groups, Award Lines/Grants, including adjustments to Budget and Budget Amendments)


Activities Underway: 

The Office of Research Services (ORS) is leading and managing training activities for end users. Updates and communications direct to users will be shared within the application homepage upon user login. 


Audience Impacted:  

*On November 3rd, each user accessing RISe will be prompted to carefully review profile information and make sure the updated information is accurate.*

We will have a temporary RISe WorkDay site available with information and contacts for support during this upgrade. 


Thank you,
RISe Team