Browser Support Information

Are you wondering what browser to use when accessing the RISe system? 

Find out which browsers are compatible with RISe under Browser Support Information below.

Supported Platforms & Browsers:

Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Server 2008 R2, and Server 2012

Internet Explorer version 6:

As SSL v3 encryption has been disabled on RISe and ExR to mitigate a security vulnerability, the TLS 1 protocol must be enabled in order to login to either system. As an added safety precaution, we encourage users to disable SSL v2 and SSL v3 if they are not needed.
Click here for instructions on how to do this.

Internet Explorer: versions 7, 8*,9 and 10

*When using Internet Explorer 8, there are times when Compatibility View mode may give better or worse results. Our recommendation is to use IE9 or IE10

Firefox: Latest version

Chrome**: Latest version

**If you install a theme in Chrome, vertical scrollbars might disappear in pop-up windows.

Apple Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8

  • Safari: version 5 or 6
  • Firefox: Latest version
  • Chrome: Latest version

Unsupported Browsers:

Microsoft Windows

  • Internet Explorer version 11
  • Safari
  • Opera

Apple Mac OS X

  • Internet Explorer

Apple Mac OS X 10.9

  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari versions 6.1 & 7