RISe Sandbox

Welcome to the RISe Sandbox! You have taken the first step in getting started with RISe.

The RISe Sandbox allows you to logon our RISe System, create applications, familiarize yourself with the different roles and practice using RISe functions and features without the worries of making a mistake on a LIVE System.

How to Access the RISe Sandbox

  1. Determine which user role you would like to access in the RISe Sandbox
  2. In the table below, find the corresponding user role’s CWL username and password
  3. Click on the “Login to RISe Sandbox” button below
  4. Enter in the CWL username and password of the role you’d like to access

CWL Login  Login to RISe Sandbox

RISE System User Role 

Principal Investigator 

CWL ID: pi2
pw: P@ssword6


Department Head

CWL ID: deptone
pw: P@ssword6


Assistant to the Dept. Head 

CWL ID: asstdean
pw: P@ssword6


Research Module Roles

Research Ethics Board Committee Member

CWL ID: rebcm1
pw: P@ssword6


Research Ethics Board Administrator 

CWL ID: reba0
pw: P@ssword6


BioSafety Administrator

CWL ID: bioa0
pw: P@ssword6


Grants Administration Module Roles

Research Awards Manager 

CWL ID: awardmgr
pw: P@ssword6


Research Awards Officer 

CWL ID: awrdofcr
pw: P@ssword6


Research Facilitator 

CWL ID: rsch01
pw: P@ssword6


  • PI Role (pi2 or pi3) allows you to try all the processes associated with creating and managing research applications for the Human Research Ethics Board, Animal Care Committee, Biosafety Committee or a Conflict of Interest declaration (COI amendments/renewals are not possible).
  • Department Head Role (deptone) allows you to review all the applications/declarations that have been submitted for department approval, since the appointment for both of the above PI roles is the same.
  • Research Ethics Board Administrator and Research Ethics Committee Member Roles are useful for administrative staff and committee members so they become familiar with the system when reviewing applications submitted to the Committee or Board.
  • Research Awards Manager, Research Awards Officer and Research Facilitator Roles demostrate processes for administrators within the Grants Administration Module.

Please Note:

The information you enter here will not be kept, and it will be erased periodically.

The information entered in the Sandbox is not confidential. We recommend you use ficticious answers to the questions asked in the web form.

No emails will be sent notifying others there are new items in their in-box.

Some of the links to other sites or to information pages will not link correctly.

Once you feel comfortable with RISe please log-off the Sandbox and logon at rise.ubc.ca to access our live RISe store.

For specific details about getting started please select the “Accessing RISe” page for instructions. In addition, pdf guides and instructional powerpoint tutorials are available to help guide you through the application or review process. If you have further questions or would like a group or personal training session please contact us at risesupport@ors.ubc.ca.