RISe 2022 Upgrade (June 17 - 20)

This upgrade will enhance the user experience via modernizing the user interface. It will also allow us to maximize the security and support provided by RISe. Detailed information on new interface changes are provided in the below tutorials.


New Features and Tutorials :

Upgrade Summary (PDF)

One-page Upgrade Summary:

Download Here

(Detailed tutorials are available below)

Collapsible / Expandable Navigational Bar

"Hamburger" Menu allows for quick return to menu

Static Save / Exit / Continue Button

Save / Exit/ Continue buttons are now located at the bottom of the page, and will remain there regardless of where you scroll

Validate Function
1. Validate Button

Red mark on left shows page(s) in which something is missing 

  • Checks entire application to ensure all mandatory fields have been entered

2. Subfield with red error mark will take you directly to pending section


Clicking the main section will ONLY TAKE YOU TO THE PAGE. 

Clicking the subsection underneath it will TAKE YOU DIRECTLY TO THE SECTION!

3. Making and Saving Changes / Refreshing Changes


When editing, Save changes before you hit validate / refresh again

Compare Function
1. Compare button

2. Change points of when you wish to compare

3. Pencil shows pages that have been changed

Clicking on the details will display who/when and what was changed

Printing / PDF / Exit to Study & PAA
Printing / Saving as PDF

Save all changes before printing!

Print This Page will only print the CURRENT PAGE SELECTED

Print This Project will print the entire application/coversheet

Exiting Edit PAA / Application


Contact Us:

Technical Questions:

Please feel free to reach out to RISe Support at 

Ethics and Approval Process questions:

Please reach out to your Institution's REB - this will be under the respective Ethics Board Contacts listed under